Ways to Work With Me

During our initial consultation, we'll determine what's best for you based on the services below.

You're tired and frustrated because your symptoms haven't resolved or you get temporary results. You are looking for an alternative way to relieve pain, improve mobility, and restore function without the use of medication, surgeries, and/or injections. You understand that given the right environment, your body can and does heal. You want to address the CAUSE and not just the SYMPTOM. After a detailed health history and physical evaluation, you will receive customized myofascial release sessions and self-treatment exercises tailored to your individual needs and goals. You CAN get back to doing what you love!


You are feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. Your life is “good enough”, but there is a nagging feeling there must be more to it. You want a non-judgmental guide that empowers you to explore, uncover, and connect with your goals and dreams. You may find after some reflection that what you thought your dream was, isn’t really it at all. You may find that it IS, but you have some--yet to be identified—block that is keeping you from moving forward. You may not even know what your ideal life looks like, but you know you’re not fulfilled in your current situation. You are looking for a safe space to explore the unlimited possibilities for your life, tap into your full potential and create a joy-filled, impassioned life!

My Faster Way To Fat Loss® 

You're looking to burn fat, sky rocket your energy, balance your hormones, restructure your metabolism, sculpt beautiful muscles, and arm yourself against disease! This whole food nutrition program paired with intermittent fasting, carb cycling, macronutrient tracking and 30 minute workouts is the prefect complement to myofacial release. Once the restrictions in your tissues are released and your pain is diminished, strengthening is the next logical step to support your new alignment. Use my brand ambassador link to learn more and register for this amazing program. https://www.fasterwaycoach/#jenniferreynolds

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